Friday, July 01, 2005

Email #5 - 7/1

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 05:50:15 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Gerald Flinchbaugh"
Subject: VIM Russia 2005 E-mail #6
To: "Gerald Flinchbaugh"

VIM Russia 2005 E-mail #6

Dear Friends,

Below is newsletter #6.

Sorry I am a later this morning getting this to you. I had some internet access problems this morning, but I believe they are resolved now.

Enjoy the newsletter. I understand from our friend Victor, that the plans are for one or maybe two more newsletters before the team flies back home. If I get them, I will do my best to make sure you get them.

God’s rich blessing to all of you! God is good!


Subject: VIM Russia #6, June 30, 2005

VIM Russia- Team 2005 is so-o-o blessed! By each other, and those around us, by the love of God we see here in Pyatigorsk!

Each morning and each evening, we have Team devotionals. Our Russian Interpreters and our Russian Teacher-friends from this school join us. It’s such a meaningful way to begin and end the day, with each other wrapped in God’s love as one of us shares a devotional sent with them from their friends and brothers and sisters in Christ, or brought to share with the Team.

This morning, we worked again on our projects… painted ourselves out of a job in the Gym! Music Room is done. Cafeteria needs a little trim work, and the Dance Room needs handrails hung, tops put on the radiator covers, and the wallpaper hung, then all will be done!

We went this afternoon to the Pyatigorsk City Orphanage. The Directors warmly greeted us. After a tour of the dormitory for the smallest children and meeting those children, those same children treated us to the cutest play. AND we had tea and treats with a question and answer session. It turns out that they have many of the same problems with bureaucracy that we do. What an education we are getting in how much the same we all are, especially as children of God!

On return to the Boarding School, most of us prepared for an evening in the home of a “real Russian”! (we were hosted by our brothers and sisters in Christ from the PUMC and from the University.)

We continue to pray for you, as we know you are praying for us.

UMVIM-Russia 2005 Team Jean Taylor reporting

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