Thursday, June 30, 2005

Email #4 - 6/30

Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 07:01:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Gerald Flinchbaugh"
Subject: VIM Russia 2005 E-mail #5
To: "Gerald Flinchbaugh"

VIM Russia 2005 E-mail #5

Dear Friends,

Below is newsletter #5.

Enjoy the newsletter. Have a blessed day!


Subject: VIM Russia #5, June 29, 2005

Again, greetings from Pyatigorsk!! Our days continue to be busy and full of Blessings! These last 24 hours have been no exception. Devotions on Tuesday evening were very touching as Oksana (one of our interpreters) shared with us how much she has learned about Americans, and how much she has grown to love us… We all agreed that the feelings are mutual between the Team and the Interpreters, and the People from the Boarding School.

Wednesday found many of us going off in a variety of directions. Four went early this morning to spend the day visiting the Russian Peace Foundation office in Stavropol.

Devotionals were brought by Jean H. and Charlotte. It’s so amazing how God moves among us!

Later in the morning, two more were able to visit the local public Library and spend time sharing and learning with the people there.

The rest of us stayed at the Boarding School and continued work on our projects. Most are nearing completion, and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish! The Day School is up to 58 different children attending, with 38 of them today!

After lunch, we went up to see where and what the Sewing Teacher does her magic… They do embroidery, clothing construction, and many other types of needlework. Each of us received a stuffed animal that the children had made! They were very proud of the items they had been able to make with the materials they received from the Team last year, and are looking forward to sorting the bag of stuff we left this time.

Then we traveled to the Social Services Children’s Day Care Department. They were most excited to see us, and explained how the organization works and what they do for children in the city. Then, the children in the “drama” part put on a concert for us. They sang different types of Russian songs, played the piano, and performed the part they had had in the big Pyatigorsk Celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Great War. Their songs were touching and fun, the performers well-trained, and many exhibited a very real stage-presence, and all thoroughly enjoyed that part of the afternoon… even putting to use the dance lessons we had yesterday afternoon!

After that visit, we went shopping in down-town Pyatigorsk! What an adventure!! We also did a little sight-seeing…

Every place we have been has been an education, sights and sounds, the feel of the area, and the warmth and hospitality of the Russian people. We are so blessed to be here!

We will all be sad when our time here is done, but know that God has been busy while we have been here, working through us, and through all of those whom we meet.

We continue to pray for you, as we know you are praying for us.

UMVIM-Russia 2005 Team Jean Taylor reporting

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From: Cheryl Hall

To: Shady Grove UMC

We continue our Boarding School work projects and marvel everyday at the signs of God’s presence. The teachers and translators are so talented at the reconstruction work that we enjoy learning “their methods”. Last evening, we had a Bible study with the Pyatigorsk Church. Julia Brooks, our oldest, dearest team member spoke about “ For God So Loved The World”. We have experienced so much love and grace from our Russian family that our goodbyes are painful, but we know we will return next year. So for now, we say God bless and das vidanya.

Cheryl Hall & Bobbie Stein

To: Shirley Hall

From: Cheryl Hall

Our work projects continue (the weather has been exceptionally sunny and cool) and hopefully will complete them by Friday. Bobbie, Gladyne & I had a wonderful dinner and meeting with Pastor Alexander & his wife Olga, so Weds. was an .exceptional day. We leave for St. Petersburg Saturday and, as you know, I am always emotional about leaving my Russian friends. Take care. Das vidanya.



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From Jerry, Jerry, Nancy, Jean T., Dave, Gladyne, Bill, Andrew, Andrew, Deanna, Christine, Nathan

To St. Stephen’s UMC

We all are well and busy, busy, busy!!! Have truly felt your prayers and are so thankful for them and your support for this mission. There is such need here!! The Spirit of the Lord is truly at work. Take good care of yourselves! We leave here on Saturday morning early for Moscow then St. Petersburg, then home on July 6… Don’t forget to come get us at the airport! Love you all, Smiles and Prayers from all of us.

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